As an IT service and consulting company, our people are our business. Hence, we make every effort to select candidates that best represent our mission and beliefs. Through participation in numerous IT engagements of various sizes and industries, we have identified certain attributes vital to becoming a successful consultant and contributor to an organization. We analyzed those characteristics and formulated our selection model in differentiating every Illuminous personnel—the AAA Model.


Although the term “Information Technology Consultant” immediately connotes having a strong technical background, that is not the primary characteristic we assess in determining the strength of a candidate. We realize the understanding of technology is very different from the ability to apply it effectively in unique business situations. Although an underlying technology or architecture can be very similar, every client's business and technical infrastructure is different.

We look for people with strong analytical skills who would spend time to understand your business, and integrate technical solutions that complement your business requirements.


Skills without the proper attitude is analogous to a talented athlete without a winning heart. We are driven by results. We stipulate that every staff firmly believes in our passion to make a positive impact. We emphasize great work ethics and promote the “do-whatever-it-takes” attitude.


One of the most common, discernible factors in IT projects involving consultants is the “us-vs-them” mentality, wherein the client’s IT staff typically have divergent views and culture from those of the consultants. This is especially evident in the practices of larger consulting companies (e.g. Big Five). Oftentimes, those differences hinder productivity and hamper collaborative efforts, resulting in both client and consultants working independently.

At Illuminous, we understand our role as “guests” in our client’s organization. Our consultants appreciate and respect our client's corporate environment and culture. Our aim is to “blend-in” and assimilate into your technical, as well as business infrastructure. We achieve this by emphasizing strong interpersonal skills and communication acumen—written, verbal, as well as nonverbal.

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