Our Core

At our core, we are technologists. We combine a wide spectrum of technical skills along with extensive experience in strategic Information Technology consulting to provide comprehensive, results-oriented solutions that address our clients’ business issues and requirements.

Our services include:

Our experience in application development stems from many years of successful custom and package implementation for our enterprise clients. We have carried projects through their entire software life cycle with emphasis on quality, budget adherence, and timely delivery. Our phased approach is a refinement from the various engagements we have undertaken through the years:

  • Requirements
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Prototype (If necessary)
  • Development
  • Structured Testing
  • Implementation
  • Empowerment

Regardless of the underlying environment or technical architecture, our proven methodology provides a trusted framework to mitigate risks, administer milestones, and manage expectations.

Our successful track record is a direct result of our talented programmers. Regardless of Web, Mobile, Client-Server, or legacy platforms, Illuminous will always deliver a reliable, quality-driven product based on industry’s best practices.

Our project success record is primarily attributed to our network of experienced Program Mangers and Solution Consultants. Our managers are thoroughly trained on the fundamentals and intricacies of project management, which consists of extensive courses in project leadership, communications, risk management, business performance management, scheduling and cost control, quality assurance, and other specialized subjects. As a single point of contact, communication, and accountability, your project manager is dedicated to your project, committed to your success, and supported at Illuminous's highest management levels.

As companies are reorganizing and re-engineering to stay competitive, outsourcing functions outside of one's core business has become a common and important step in streamlining operations and improving productivity. As Information Technology becomes increasingly important in altering and enhancing business processes, it has become the primary component where outsourcing takes place in many organizations.

IT Outsourcing makes sense for the following reasons:

  • Improve and maintain your company focus by concentrating on what you understand and do best, while allowing experts (Illuminous) help you implement Information Technology that complements your business
  • Immediate access to proven expertise that can have a direct impact on your bottom line
  • Reduce IT project costs and potential risks
  • Free internal resources for other purposes and functionality
  • Scalable and flexible staffing for immediate and long-term needs
  • A constantly motivated workforce eager to provide quality services that exceed your expectations

Why Us?

  1. Our Top-Tier Consultants

    We are very meticulous in choosing our team members. Every consultant is Illuminous-Certified, meaning that they are among the best at what they do. Our selection criteria, also known as the AAA Model, stipulates that our people are not only proficient at their jobs, but are also well rounded and able to assimilate quickly and seamlessly in any environment.

  2. We Help You Realize An Immediate Return On Investment

    • We tailor your IT resources exactly according to your specifications and needs. You avoid having to sort through resumes, place expensive advertisements, or conduct extensive interviews.
    • We offer top-notch services and resources at some of the most competitive rates in the industry.
    • We offload the hiring and employment responsibilities of your IT personnel, thereby removing issues associated with problematic staff that are difficult to release due to possible legal implications.
    • But most of all, we provide resources and services that would ensure your IT projects are on time, on budget, and of the highest quality.
  3. Our Total Commitment to Service

    As a service company, we realize that every client is equally important in maintaining and improving our credibility and reputation. We are staunch believers in the traditional values of integrity, responsiveness, client satisfaction, and service.

  4. We Work To Improve Your Bottom Line

    At Illuminous, our staff are indoctrinated with the importance of understanding our clients’ businesses and culture. For with that understanding comes the knowledge to identify opportunities for enhancements. No matter what role Illuminous plays in your organization, it is our ultimate responsibility to make a positive, quantifiable difference.

  5. We Are Driven By Your Success

    Simply put, your success translates to our success. We are a driven, focused company that receives almost all of our businesses through referrals. Our objective is to provide solid, tangible results in every engagement, and to develop a strategic and lasting partnership with every client.

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